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SETA BioMedicals produces, commercializes and licenses proprietary fluorescent detection reagents (fluorescent dyes, probes, labels, tandems, and standards) for biomedical applications. They can be ordered over the phone (217) 417 2160, via e-mail or with our on-line shopping cart and are delivered the next day in the continental USA and within days at any other destination around the world.


  • Phycobiliprotein Tandem Conjugates

    APC, PE and PerCP-tandem conjugates with Seta dyes for flow cytometry and immunofluorescence applications.


    Flow cytometry measurment of blood cells
    stained with CD38–Seta-APC-780

  • Highly Water-Soluble Rotaxane Labels

    Novel extremely bright and stable probes and labels based on squaraine rotaxanes

  • Labeling Technologies

    Next generation labels for proteins, oligonucleotides and other biomolecules with exceptional brightness and photostability.


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  • Click Chemistry Reagents

    Azides and proprietary DBCO derivatives for Cu-catalyzed and Cu-free click chemistry reactions

  • Fluorescent Dyes for 2-Photon Microscopy

    The brightest fluorescent probes and labels with exceptional 2-photon absorption cross-sections up to several thousand GE based on squaraines and squaraine rotaxanes

  • Luminescence Lifetime Labels

    Luminescence lifetime labels with lifetimes from 0.5 to 32 ns for lifetime and polarization applications

  • FRET Labels

    FRET pairs with a wide range of Förster distances from 40 - 80 Angstrom

  • Free Consultation

    SETA BioMedicals offers free consultation on the use of SETA products for your application. Please call us at 217 417 2160.

  • Flow Cytometry & Immunofluorescence

    The next-generation squaraine rotaxane dye SeTau-647 is currently the brightest label on the market for the Kr-ion laser line

    Quantum yields of IgG-conjugates of  SeTau-647, Alexa 647 and Cy5 at various dye-to-protein ratios in phosphate buffer (pH 7.4)

  • 2-Photon Microscopy

    Compared to conventional cyanine dyes squaraine and squaraine-rotaxanes exhibit 10 – 50-times higher 2-photon cross-sections in the order of several thousand GE.

    Z-projection of a neuron filled with a squaraine rotaxane-labeled peptide

  • Superresolution Microscopy

    Seta and SeTau dyes are a class of extremely bright and phtostable dyes for fluorescence imaging and are also well suited for STED and STORM applications.



     STED image of HeLa-M cell nuclei labeled with primary antibody mAB414 and a secondary antibody labeled with SeTau-647