• Phycobiliprotein Tandem Conjugates

    APC, PE and PerCP-tandem conjugates with Seta dyes for flow cytometry and immunofluorescence applications.


    Flow cytometry measurment of blood cells
    stained with CD38–Seta-APC-780

  • Highly Water-Soluble Rotaxane Labels

    Novel extremely bright and stable probes and labels based on squaraine rotaxanes

  • Labeling Technologies

    Next generation labels for proteins, oligonucleotides and other biomolecules with exceptional brightness and photostability.


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  • Click Chemistry Reagents

    Azides and proprietary DBCO derivatives for Cu-catalyzed and Cu-free click chemistry reactions

  • Fluorescent Dyes for 2-Photon Microscopy

    The brightest fluorescent probes and labels with exceptional 2-photon absorption cross-sections up to several thousand GE based on squaraines and squaraine rotaxanes

  • Luminescence Lifetime Labels

    Luminescence lifetime labels with lifetimes from 0.5 to 32 ns for lifetime and polarization applications

  • FRET Labels

    FRET pairs with a wide range of Förster distances from 40 - 80 Angstrom

  • Free Consultation

    SETA BioMedicals offers free consultation on the use of SETA products for your application. Please call us at 217 417 2160.

  • Flow Cytometry & Immunofluorescence

    The next-generation squaraine rotaxane dye SeTau-647 is currently the brightest label on the market for the Kr-ion laser line

    Quantum yields of IgG-conjugates of  SeTau-647, Alexa 647 and Cy5 at various dye-to-protein ratios in phosphate buffer (pH 7.4)

  • 2-Photon Microscopy

    Compared to conventional cyanine dyes squaraine and squaraine-rotaxanes exhibit 10 – 50-times higher 2-photon cross-sections in the order of several thousand GE.

    Z-projection of a neuron filled with a squaraine rotaxane-labeled peptide

  • Superresolution Microscopy

    Seta and SeTau dyes are a class of extremely bright and phtostable dyes for fluorescence imaging and are also well suited for STED and STORM applications.



     STED image of HeLa-M cell nuclei labeled with primary antibody mAB414 and a secondary antibody labeled with SeTau-647